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Meeting October 2019

After the success of our previous meeting celebrating our 15th anniversary, we'll be having another meeting this year for a very special occasion. 
Nobody less than David Pleasance is joining us.

David was the managing director of Commodore UK, and he's the author of the book "Commodore: The Inside Story - The Untold Tale of a Computer Giant". You can ask him as many questions as you like about his time at Commodore, his book and his current project, FriendOS, of which he's the International Sales and Marketing Director.

And of course much much more. See you there!

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Meeting 2019

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New Website Launched

Hooray! The new website is up!

Feel free to throw all feedback our way.

And if you're sitting on some nice content to display here, you might as well throw that along.


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Low-tech Facebook

Most of our community activity is on our Facebook group these days but accessing Facebook on your old and trusty Amiga Browser is a challenge (if not downright impossible) 

This is an attempt to fix that huge oversight by pulling in our Facebook Feed and displaying them here in a low-tech way.
Yey! finally a decent Facebook browser on your Amiga!

A few notes:

  • This is still very alpha-stage: updates are usually done once each day and it might break at any time.
  • As we are a Belgian Group, most of the posts are in Dutch or French.
  • Since Facebook strips out all "personal" info out of their feeds, the name of the poster is not displayed (yet ... working on that)

So: here we go!

Low-tech Facebook

Nieuwe game voor Amiga :-)

Posted by a user on 2020-02-26 11:37:53
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Nu dat de Vampire 1200 er is, is het tijd voor een grondige herschikking. Welk onderdeel gaat er in welke 1200? De Vampire gebruikt zijn eigen roms, dus die 3.1.4 roms gaan best ergens anders in. Maar die Indivision is dan weer een perfecte combo met de Vampire om de best mogelijk video output te krijgen. En die diskdrive ga ik toch nooit gebruiken met de vampire, misschien kan die er wel uit om ruimte te maken voor de SD-extender en de ethernet module... Precies met de lego aan het spelen!

Posted by a user on 2020-02-24 19:38:58
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The history and games of Spanish developer and publisher Dinamic Software.

Posted by a user on 2020-02-21 14:27:33
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Heb vandaag een TF330 aangekregen ( . Maar als ik deze in de CD32 steek krijg ik enkel een wit scherm verder niets. Enkel power led flikkert soms en de CD led blijft uit. Wel geen cd in de drive. Heb de verkoper ook al gecontacteerd. De kaart al terug eens herstoken in de riser. Contactpunten lijken allemaal proper en goed.. CD32 werkt perfect zonder deze TF330 en is recapped in januari 2020. De CF werkt als ik die test op een andere Amiga. Is er nog iets dat ik kan testen ?

Posted by a user on 2020-02-21 11:20:17
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Hi, thanks for adding me to the group! Long live the Amiga!

Posted by a user on 2020-02-21 08:41:43
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