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Let's face it: our beloved machines aren't getting any younger.
Most machines produced in the heyday of Amiga computing will be in dire need of maintenance by now.
The best-known example of failing components in those old systems are the electrolytic capacitors, which can and will often start to leak when they reach a certain age.
This can cause some serious damage to the rest of the hardware, and should be avoided as much as possible.
A so-called 'recap' will do you wonders in that regard.

If you are looking for the right person to service your Amiga, we can recommend the following list.
They are well-known in the community and have proven they have the skills necessary to do a decent repair job.
However, please note that we are not acting as an intermediary for them, nor do we get any kind of commission for the jobs they get through our site.
Your dealings with them are your own responsibility, and yours only.

In no particular order, we can recommend:

Frank Eersels

Location: Belgium, Rummen
Repairs and recaps on all Sinclair, Commodore C64/128, Amiga and pre-90 PC-compatibles.
Experienced in SMT and PCB repair.
A PCB will have a close inspection first. If it is beyond repair, the PCB will be shipped back without any additional costs.


Tag me on the Commodore Amiga group or email to

Jochem Caspers

Location: Netherlands, Hoorn
Repairs and recaps on all Amiga models and electronics in general.
Lot's of experience in C64 and Amiga repairs.
No cure no pay!
Eprom burning services, custom ROM building, PCB design,...



Email to

Martijn Wieland

Location: Netherlands, Oosterwolde
Repairs and recaps on all Amiga models and also other retro hardware.
Experienced in SMT.



Via "Commodore Amiga" group on Facebook or email to

Tristan Zondag

Location: Netherlands, Harderwijk
Repairs and recaps on all Amiga models, Zorro cards and also other hardware like MSX, Spectrum, C64 and Archimedes.
Experienced in mods like 060 conversions and bridgeboard upgrades.
Specialized in board repairs and SMT rework.
Full set of diagnostic equipment.



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If you also offer retro-repair services and you like to be included in this list, please drop us a note on