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June 2024 Announcing a new meeting: September 21, Antwerpen, LO
October 2023 New knowledgebase article: Amiga and modern displays
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April 2023 Announcing a new meeting: September 30, Antwerpen, LO
March 2023 New project: Dpaint.js
June 2022 Meeting report
March 2022 Announcing a new meeting: June 4, Zwijndrecht
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April 2021 Added a new section to the website: Knowledgebase
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February 2021 New "repair guy": Frank Eersels
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BAC Meeting 2024

Bac Meeting 2024

The legendary BAC meeting is back in 2024!

Same awesome location, same old Amiga fun and of course: a whole lot of Commodore.

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BAC Meeting 2023


After a year of absence, the legendary BAC meeting is back!

New location, new date, new format, but still the same old Amiga fun and of course: a whole lot of Commodore.

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Posted on 16/04/2023 by Steffest

Meeting June 4 2022

Finally, The first meeting after Corona.
This time we gathered at the premises of Chiro Zwijndrecht.
BIG SPACE! Lot's of room for the 30-40 Amiga-fans that showed up, most of them bringing their own machines.
The full range of commodore and Amiga history was present, going from the first Commodore computer of the late seventies to one of the latest.

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Posted on 08/06/2022 by Steffest

Win a PiStorm Amiga 500


Yes, it's true... we're giving away a fully configured Amiga 500 with PiStorm and all the games/applications you can think of.

Read all about it here

Meeting 2022 - June 4

Bac Meeting 2022

2,5 Years...
That's how long it has been since we had our last meeting. Too long!
That's why we will be organising a meeting on the premises of the Chiro in Zwijndrecht on Saturday, 4th of June 2022. With a little luck 'code yellow' will still be in effect, so no covid related restricions will be imposed by the authorities and we can have our meeting like it's 2019. Beer, junk food, Amiga machines, demos, pixels, games and fine company -- not necessarily in that order.

In other - way more sadder - news, a personal message from Simon, our president:
"This will be the last meeting I'll be organising. The club presidency will be transfered to our treasurer and web master Steffest, so please direct any questions regarding the BAC's future to him. This club has gained me friends for life and several memorable moments, but the time has come for something new. We're not a club from the Amiga heydays, when just about every week there was some event for Amiga owners somewhere. But until further notice we áre the longest existing one ánd the last one of its kind, and I'm honestly quite proud of that. After almost 20 years of being president, I hope I can end this on a high note and I hope to be able to welcome many familiar faces."

Furthermore there's nothing special to report with respect to the organisation of this event; after all, the meeting is made by the visitors. So put on your Amiga t-shirt and haul your pristine, Vampire-accelerated Amiga (and/or your horribly yellowed one that's about to fall apart) to Belgium's most highly contaminated village. 3M declined our request for a sponsorship deal, but the venue is pretty cheap and we still found some change in our piggy bank, so as usual there's free admission for everyone who's in a good mood.

As the cherry on the cake you can win a fully pimped-out, ready-to-roll, PiStorm-accelerated Amiga 500 !
How ? Not sure yet, we'll make something up by then !

The adress: Chiro Zwijndrecht, Bareelstraat 19, 2070 Zwijndrecht. You'll drive under a bridge near the end of the street and find the buildings a little further on. Meeting starts from 4 pm!
(But if you need some time setting up your stuff, you are of course more then welcome a few hourse earlier)

Posted on 25/03/2022 by Steffest

Amiga repairs

Looking for a good repair or service guy for that "recap" everybody keeps talking about?
We added a new page to our site, listing some people we can recommend for the job:

Posted on 24/05/2020 by Steffest

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