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Amiga repairs

Looking for a good repair or service guy for that "recap" everybody keeps talking about?
We added a new page to our site, listing some people we can recommend for the job:

Posted on 24/05/2020 by Steffest

Low-tech Facebook

Most of our community activity is on our Facebook group these days but accessing Facebook on your old and trusty Amiga Browser is a challenge (if not downright impossible) 

This is an attempt to fix that huge oversight by pulling in our Facebook Feed and displaying them here in a low-tech way.
Yey! finally a decent Facebook browser on your Amiga!

A few notes:

  • This is still very alpha-stage: updates are usually done once each day and it might break at any time.
  • As we are a Belgian Group, most of the posts are in Dutch or French.
  • Since Facebook strips out all "personal" info out of their feeds, the name of the poster is not displayed (yet ... working on that)

So: here we go!

Low-tech Facebook
Some good stuffs to write on floppy disks this afternoon 🙂
Posted by Frank V-m on 26 July at 13:59
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Later dan gepland ... Ziehier m'n gepimpte A1200 met kleinere broer A600.
Posted by Luk Wuyts on 24 July at 14:51 - 12 comments
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Wie niet waagt, niet wint: heeft er iemand toevallig een papieren versie van de Motorola Programmer's Reference Manual liggen waar ie niks mee doet? Ik neem dat anders graag van u over. Op Amazon vind je de… More
Posted by Guy Lateur on 21 July at 20:10 - 11 comments
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!! New Stock available : D520 Digital video converter for Amiga Classics !! Amedia Computer - Your REAL Amiga & Atari ST Reseller ;) Sends Anything Anywhere in the World :)
Posted by Amedia Computer on 21 July at 14:42
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!! New Stock available : ATX power supply adapter for Amiga 500 - 600 - 1200 !! Amedia Computer - Your REAL Amiga & Atari ST Reseller ;) Sends Anything Anywhere in the World :)
Posted by Amedia Computer on 20 July at 16:15
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Stoffige 1930 doos zonder isomo. Ik heb er geen behoefte aan, gratis af te halen.
Posted by Simon Vergauwen on 18 July at 19:17
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Spot the Amiga ;-)
Posted by Dirk Flamand on 15 July at 22:25
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Ongelooflijk blij met dit Escom Amiga logo dat een vriend voor mijn verjaardag maakte. Het is aan elkaar gelast met allemaal metalen stukjes/schroefjes/boutjes. Echt een geweldig mooie toevoeging aan mijn… More
Posted by Steffest Punt Be on 15 July at 12:14
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Crèmekleurige Commodore 1930 monitor gescoord ... wou hem eigenlijk doorschuiven gezien het een VGA monitor is maar past wel erg goed bij mijn A3000.
Posted by Simon Vergauwen on 14 July at 17:29 - 17 comments
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Hallo iedereen, Ik heb hier een Amiga monitor type 1081 maar die is stuk. Is er hier iemand die die zou kunnen herstellen ?
Posted by Timm Rombouts on 14 July at 11:25 - 17 comments
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